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Ilander Jr. Wahoo Strip Rig - Blue / White - RJ Boyle

Lures - RJ Boyle

Wahoo Baits In The Spread

WAHOO EXPRESS SALTWATER LURE – Ballyhood Top Gun Saltwater Fishing Lures

The guys down in Puerto Rico have been smoking the Wahoo lately. Thanks for bringing Fathom Offshore lures (Fatboy in white and red) with

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Wahoo - Driving the Edge High Speed Trolling

CandH Express Deep Runner Ultimate Series - TackleDirect

Wahoo Tackle - RJ Boyle

Lures - RJ Boyle

Built for the task of chasing tuna and other large and aggressive pelagics, the Shimano Ocea Bomb Dip Poppers are a go to option for provoking heart pumping topwater strikes. Its unique cupped face design works alongside Shimano's patented Bubble Chamber technology, which create a loud and visual splash that's hard to miss. A bubble trail is left behind as the popper is worked, luring in predators to seek and destroy.

Shimano Bomb Dip 170F BD170FNPB

This high speed Wahoo Kit includes some of our favorite lures that have produced over the years.

RJ Boyle Wahoo Kit

RJ Boyle provides the best big game sportfishing tackle worldwide. We offer custom RJ Boyle rods, baits and terminal tackle.

Cowbell High Speed Wahoo Lure - Med. (16oz)

Coastal Angler Magazine, November 2023

Rigged on 480 stainless cable. 6ft with a stainless 10/0 southern tuna stiff rig hookset. We offer Bullet heads, Jet heads, and Dart head style lures.

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