Decoy Quattro X-F55 Treble

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A top-of-the-line replacement for stock treble hooks, the Decoy Blade Treble Hook Y-F33BT’s unique design provides an eye catching flash that will make your crankbait, spoon or topwater stand out from all of the rest. Made with a 1X fine wire and a razor-sharp micro barb, the Decoy Blade Treble Hook Y-F33BT features an integrated swivel and a hybrid blade that creates an attention grabbing shimmer as your bait moves through the water.

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The Decoy X-F55 Quad Hook is the newest member of the quad hook family. The X-F55 is an ultra wide gap, shot shank quad hook designed to give maximum

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Features It features a straight-point hook to enhance hooking efficiency which secure hooking and prevention of fish escaping with the use of two

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Offering smoothness that is slippery to the touch, the Decoy Treble Hook Y-F33F Silky Coat Finish is covered in a slick gray coating that delivers unmatched hook penetration and stealthiness. Made from extra fine, yet super strong wire, the Decoy Treble Hook Y-F33F Silky Coat Finish features an ultra sharp point, which allows it to penetrate with the slightest pressure.

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