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The Cotton Cordell Red-Fin is a legendary lure for a variety of gamefish, from bass and walleye in freshwater to specks and redfish on the coasts. The Jointed Red-Fin is one of the most exciting lures for largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass when waked in slow-motion on top – the strikes are violent and always shocking. The Jointed Red-Fin dives to 3 feet, and catches all types of gamefish in shallow water or when they’re positioned to strike shallow-running lures.

Cotton Cordell Jointed Red Fin Chrome/Black

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Cordell offers tournament-caliber fishing lures that should be in any serious angler's tackle box. Built on a legacy of attracting fish when other lures just won't do. Cotton Cordell walleye and bass fishing lures feature a true-running design for fooling even the most stubborn fish. With more than half a century of testing, designing and manufacturing fishing lures, Cordell has learned what the big fish can't resist.

Pradco Cordell Deep Crank Bait

The Cotton Cordell Wally Diver is one of the legendary walleye lures of all time. The proven slender profile and tight wiggle make it a go-to for walleye anglers everywhere. Two sizes are available, the 2½-inch CD5 and the 3 1/8-inch CD6. The CD5 dives to 8 feet on the cast and 11 when trolled, while the larger CD6 dives to 11 feet on the cast and 18 when trolled. The Wally Diver is available in a multitude of color patterns designed to catch boatloads of trophy walleyes.

Cotton Cordell Gold Perch Wally Diver

Vintage Cotton Cordell Crazy Shad Green and Yellow Fishing Lure


The Cordell Suspending Super Spot is a secret bait of the pros! Unlike other lipless crankbaits, the Suspending Super Spot dives is not a sinking bait, staying within 3 feet of the surface even when paused, perfect for working shallow grass and sluggish fish. Casts a mile even into the wind and can be worked in slow motion with lots of long pauses right on the nose of the fish. Want something to set you apart from the competition? The Suspending Super Spot is it!.

Cotton Cordell Super Spot Fishing Lures, Chrome/Blue, 6.4cm

Model SURF SHINER. Lure is 3 3/8 long. Lure was used in Good Condition!

Vintage Cotton Cordell SURF SHINER Clown Sil Foil 3 3/8 Knocker Lipless Lure

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